Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Great Event From Last Weekend

Scenes from the party

Paul was home.
This is the last time he will visit Lindale. He leaves for Cambodia next week and will be get home the night the kids and I fly into Phoenix. I told him there was just one thing about the move that was paralyzing me. The shed. It is as big as a 3 car garage and it was just full of tools and gardening equipment and hunting stuff and I just couldn't face going through it all.

Paul completely cleaned it out. He even moved everything from the shed that we are taking with us, from the shed to the garage, ensuring that I don't even have to go out there again unless I want to. Wow! He takes such good care of me.

Brittny visited. Pauly's girlfriend Brittny has been here all weekend. She is darling and funny and keeps Pauly on his toes. She was also a great help while we finished sorting things for the garage sale and then with the little girls' party. I also loved having someone else in the house to appreciate Kate Middelton's wedding dress. Sons simply do not fit the bill in those situations. It was nice to have her here. She went home Monday.

Sara and Gloria's Birthday/Farewell Party was Friday Night. I don't have time to tell you everything but let me just say it included several hundred glow sticks, an outdoor movie screen and these floating lanterns. It was kind of awesome. The girls were happy.

These are the invitations.

The garage sale has come and gone as have our lawnmowers our couch and our collection of Barbie DVDs. It was supposed to be Friday and Saturday but we had sold everything but odds and ends by noon on Friday. Woohoo! Someone came and took the chickens this morning. The only things left are a couple of book shelves that we thought about afterward and the bass boat.

Branch farewell Members from the branch gave an open house in our honor Saturday night. It was so nice to visit and tell stories and reconnect. They did it this weekend because it was the last weekend Paul would be here. So many people have become so dear to us here. Most of them have been in our branch.

We just went from one thing to another all weekend and I am afraid I only took a few pictures and they aren't great. Oh well.

All in all it was a great weekend. 26 days and counting!

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