Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rocker Chick and Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt

I don't know why but costumes are just horrible to me. I have some sort of block that I have to fight through every year. If I can conquer it, I can't be stopped. I am so creative and know just what touches are needed to make every costume unique and interesting to me and fun and cool for the kids.

Sometimes I can't seem to fight my way through it though, and I am sorry to report that more than once, the night before Halloween has found me digging through the dress-up clothes praying for something that will do, for one or more of my "about to be disappointed" children.

I wrote this about Halloween last year and although I got a late start, I tried really hard to make it fun this year and not give in to the Halloween Scrooge in me.

This was a good year. The girls were happy and satisfied with their costumes. The make up was, without question, their favorite part. We tried false eyelashes but we couldn't get them to stay on. (What's Oprah's secret?) We were all happy with how the costumes ended up, aren't they cute?

Dan had his party Friday night. He and his friends watched I am Legend and ate lots of candy and roasted hot dogs in the fire pit and played football. I loved seeing Dan with his friends, they are all smart and funny and clever just like he is.

Trick or treating was fun. We called it short because the girls were tired and the cold was making their noses run and their eyes water ("Mom, is my mascara running?).

We had Count Chocula for Orthodox Halloween this morning.

I am going to go ahead and call it a success.

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