Monday, November 2, 2009

One more thought about Halloween

Every year I sort of dread Halloween.

I don't like spiders, I'm not crazy about those big blow up decorations and I don't get all excited about coming up with costumes. In recent years I've come to resent church Halloween parties and even worse, the lame people who feel like they have to take a stand against Halloween. It all makes me tired.

Every year however, as I watch my children running and giggling from house to house, I am struck by the charm of this holiday and the tradtions that go with it. I love strolling through the neighborhood, ""trick or treat!!" being heard here and there, visiting with other parents, friendly neighbors showing a small kindness to our little goblins and throwing a wave to us. It makes our community seem smaller and safer and simpler. Our nighborhoods feel like they felt when I was a kid and I really like it.

Whenever we come home from trick or treating, I wish I had done more for our costumes, I wonder why I let the goofy people get to me and I promise myself that next year I won't be such a Halloween Scrooge.

Sorry mom, I totally forgot to take pictures. Sara was a witch, Gloria was a Genie. Dan had a Halloween party which was great and the 2 Pauls ate all the Snickers.


Mom in Mendon said...

Rach, I feel the same way about Halloween. I'm not into the ghoulish stuff at all. But I love the sense of community. No one MAKES you go buy candy, but everyone does it, and everyone is ready and sharing in the neighborliness of it. I really like that.

Mom in Mendon said...

A Trick or Treat Story: A college student we know was surprised to find trick-or-treaters at his door one year. OH, NO! He had no candy! He ran around the apt. trying to find something that would do, and ended up dropping cello-wrapped cough drops into their bags. : )

Megan said...

I feel the same way. Some people get way into it, and I don't understand. But I love watching my kids knock on doors and say trick-or-treat.
This year we didn't even walk the streets, we rode the 4-wheeler. We covered way more ground than walking.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Sounds to me like the logical and dedicated men of the family did their part!

Giggles Nichols said...

I just was talking about this with a friend. I told her its what you make of it. If your going to decide that its an evil thing thats what your going to make of it.But as for me Im going to enjoy myself and make it fun for my kids.Its all about the attiude. Just so you know at Walmart there costumes are like 75% off. I like getting a few costumes now and let them choose out of what I have next year I bought 5 costume for 17 dollars that included tax! love u guys!

Nana Donna said...

Shannon,Larry and boys are big fans of Halloween. You should see there outdoor decorations! Every year they have bought a new spook for the front yard. I love it!

Glad you had a fun Halloween!