Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dad, The Dodgers and Vin Scully

This time of year always reminds me of my dad. He loved baseball. I think he would have been happy that the Rangers went to the World Series for the first time ever. He always liked an underdog, but I think he would definitely have rooted for the Giants.

He took us to two or three games every summer. He liked going on "jacket night" or "hat night" so that we went home with something besides a memory. We would go early to get our jackets and would be witness to the stadium filling up. It was exciting.

Dad would keep score on the, program and he would buy us peanuts. I understood the game but hardly watched it; it was boring. What I did like was the crowd. The energy of everyone cheering together. I loved when the organ would play "da-da-da-daaa-da-daaaa" and we would scream, "CHARGE!". I loved singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

By the bottom of the 7th inning or so, unless it was really close and exciting, we would leave. I don't know if he hated sitting in lines in the car or what but we would leave early and then listen to Vin Scully announce the rest of the game on the radio.

I think I fell asleep to the sound of Vin Scully's voice more than any other sound in my childhood. Whether we went to the game or not, if the Dodgers were playing and we were in the car, we were listening to the game and Vin Scully. I still recognize him immediately and remember his commercials for Farmer John hot dogs. (I had to look it up to make sure I remembered the brand name correctly. I can't believe I did!)

I heard Vin Scully in an interview recently, just the sound of his voice brought back so many memories; the plastic seats in the VW van, the smell of popcorn and hot dogs in the stadium, being with my dad when he was comfortable and in his element. Those were the best times.

P.S. Mom, do we have any pictures of dad in a Dodgers hat?


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ellen said...

I grew up in LA (well, Van Nuys) and we were in the Dodger Pepsi Fan Club. For $1 (and some Pepsi bottle caps) you got a t-shirt, membership card and tickets to 6 games. I'd recognize Vin Scully's voice in a heart beat.

R-Eight said...

Thanks Robin.

Ellen, My mom grew up in Van Nuys so I feel like I have roots there. I loved looking at your photography. Really great.