Monday, October 19, 2009

Beyonce, youtube and the NYT

I am feeling out of the loop the past week or so.

First my friend/yoga teacher gave me a copy of a CD she used during a class a couple of weeks ago. It had this song on it.

Then I heard it on Glee. Then this conversation took place.

Me: I really like this song. I'll bet we'll be hearing it a ton.

Pauly: What!? Mom, this song came out last spring, listen to the radio once in a while.

Well! I never!! . . . listen to the radio apparently.

Then the big wedding was on The Office. They kept referring to a YouTube Video.

. . . I had to look it up.

I hate not being in on the joke!

Then, there was this funny article in the NYT last week, about this blog. How did I miss this?!? Since my discovery, I have spent an unacceptable amount of time looking at the pictures and giggling at the captions.

Dear Internet,

I am sorry that I have not given you the attention you deserve the past few months. I promise to spend less time with my children and husband and more time with you making sure I know Beyonce's latest songs and and that I am in on all the jokes, that I will be watching later on Hulu.



Salem said...

Mindi said...

this sounds like the story of my life lately. but now, why did all of the links not work?

was that ON PURPOSE? kind of like a sabatoge 'object lesson'?