Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This song is not a rebel song . . .

One day early in my freshman year of high school, Troy Thayne held up a cassette tape and asked me, "Have you heard these guys?" "Um, I don't think so." "You should listen to this." He handed me a cassette called U2-War, with instructions to bring it back on Monday.

It was Sunday afternoon, I was doing the dishes and I put the tape into my boom box and that was the first time I ever heard the song Sunday Bloody Sunday.


It was different than anything I knew up until then. Although I didn’t know its meaning, it was obviously about a terrible day of war. Even more than the words though, was the way the singer was singing them, it was so beautiful and impassioned and full of genuine feeling. It was poetry to me and I couldn’t get enough. I was changed and the way I saw and listened to music was different after that.

Monday night was wonderful, Paul and I went to see U2 at the new Cowboy’s Stadium. The stadium itself is pretty incredible, it seats 100,000 people and is so enormous it makes the football field look and feel small. Paul and I got a great a deal on tickets and I was afraid we would be stuck behind a column or something but we could see everything!
They didn’t sing as many older songs as I had hoped and I wished that I was more familiar with their newer stuff but I was just so much fun to be there!

I told Paul beforehand that if they only played one song I liked, I would choose Sunday Bloody Sunday. They played it and Wow! The euphoria of singing that song along with 100,000+ people at the tops of our lungs was mind-blowing! (Yes, if you must know I did in fact harmonize with The Edge.) I drank in every second!

I love those times when it feels like I've come full circle. That concert, that song, was one of those times. What an amazing night!


Giggles Nichols said...

Thats so awsome!! In 2005 I bought wade and I U2 tickets. Wade had a great time and brought me back a t-shirt because Zachery decided to come three weeks early which ended up being the night before the concert! He sooo owes me!!!!!

Mindi said...


i've been keeping the posts i wanted to read and comment on in my google reader, and i've had a little nagging feeling at me ever since i saw the first few lines. anything that involved the words 'u2' and 'troy thayne' was a WIN/WIN in my book.

so jealous that you could go to the concert! i heard that stage was a miracle of modern technology!

bono sure knows how to do it.


ps you and paul don't look a day over 15/16ish? :)