Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pack Man

Over the summer a switch was flipped and Daniel stopped being my little boy. Here are a few of the rules that have been laid out for me since school started.

Things I am allowed to say to Daniel in the car when I am dropping him off:


Things I am allowed to say once the car door is opened:

Nothing, not "have a good day" or " love you" or "be nice to the nerds". I will be met with nothing but a quickly slammed door. If I am lucky I might get a dirty look, but usually no recognition of any kind is the result of any comment made.

Things I am allowed to call Daniel at home:

Dan, Danny, Daniel, Danny Pants, Pack Man, Bud, Buddy

Things I am allowed to call Daniel in public:

Dan, Daniel

I have learned to be on my best behavior when accompanying Dan anywhere in public. My mission is to be as inconspicuous as possible. This, as you can imagine, has proven to be harder than it sounds but I really am trying.

Daniel is having his first Halloween party tomorrow night. We are setting up a big movie screen in the backyard and are going to watch The Mummy. I am worried I might accidentally show affection to him. I am really going to have to watch myself.


Mom in Mendon said...

Love you, Dan. Hang in there! (You, too, Rach.)

liz stanley said...

ha! that's funny. does he obey your rules too (it goes both ways, right?)

robin k said...

Wishing you strength, Rachel!