Monday, November 3, 2008

Power To The People

Before trick or treating the other night, we took our goblins to our polling place which is a Masonic lodge just a couple of miles from our house. The kids sat in the waiting area while we checked in. As a grandmotherly lady gave me instructions on how to use my electronic voting booth, I called the kids over to watch. Pauly, Dan, Jasmine and Cinderella gathered around me as we went through all the choices. I showed them that they could vote all one party by pushing one button or that they could go through each choice one by one . . . president, senator, representatives, judges, constables, etc. Daniel showed me where I had missed one of the ballots and how to go back. A big red light flashed when I pushed the last button and my votes were officially cast.

We always take our kids with us to vote when we can. We explain ahead of time, the things we will be voting on and tell them what we think and why we are voting the way we are. We tell them what a blessing and privilege it is to have a say in how we are governed. We like them to see us vote and hope they are learning to be thinking people, voting citizens and respectful of others' opinions.

I love to vote! What a great feeling!!


Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Good planning. I wish I had done that with our kids. Voting is a precious priviledge. Grandpa Mac

robin k said...

I love voting, too. I think we're going to have a big percentage voting this year!

Mindi said...

i wish i loved voting.

maybe if you would have been my mother i would have...?

i want to be you when i grow up.

jeana said...

That's a great idea Rachel, I will have to remember that with my kids next election time. Your Awesome!