Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The other day Robin said, "Only 77 days until I am 18!" So I've been thinking about days and in no particular order, there are:

~4 days until Halloween (costumes ready!)

~8 days until the election (does anyone else wish it was over already?)

~363 days until I have to put on another Primary Program

~59 days until Christmas (yea!)

~74 days until Mexico (cha cha cha)

~547 (approx) days until Mom and Roger come home from Russia

~18 days until we can go back to Galveston (sigh)

~130 days of school left (whoo hoo!)

~770 days until Pauly turns 19

~200 days until Dan turns 12

~365 days until I will still be missing Robin who will be away at school.

~231 days until I'm 40 years old!


Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

51 days until a Visa trip.

Go Robin, the AGGIE.

Get those papers submitted Paul!

Life is downhill from 40.

Election, what election?

Dan is the MAN!

359 days unti the Morning Glory takes over.

Grandpa Mac

Bundy 6 Pak said...

Whoa! You guys are like only 7 years from possibly being grandparents!

Megan said...

8 days until Baby Jared turns one!!!