Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peaceful Transfer of Power

What a fun night!! We copied Sara's idea to eat Senate Bean Soup and watched the returns.

I am so proud of America! I have been close to tears all day!

I love that we vote, that we have a say, that we have such quality people to choose from. I was so proud of John McCain. His speech was gracious and statesmanlike and made me wonder, for a minute, why I didn't vote for him.

I loved President Elect Obama's speech. If you didn't stay up for it (shame on you) you missed out. It too was gracious and statesmanlike as well as historic. His words were powerful, his family gorgeous and the crowd adoring. I could have done without the shots of Jesse Jackson but other than that I loved watching the huge celebration in Chicago and I longed to be there myself.

Kenya, Australia, Europe, Asia, I loved the shots of people celebrating around the world! I didn't expect that. It made for very thoughtful discussion in our living room last night.

We also celebrated with Steve Urquhart. Utah's newest State Senator!! Yea Steve!! And we are still waiting to hear how Shannon did in her election.

From small city seats to President of the United States . . . we have a say! . . . (exhilarated and exhausted sigh) I am so grateful!


robin k said...

I was teary all day, too, Rachel, seeing the long long lines of enthusiastic voters. It really is an historic vote, and it's awesome and wonderful.

Mom in Mendon said...

Both of the after election speeches were great.