Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning Glory

I was so pleased with the swing set when it had been improved and finished. The girls use it a lot more than I expected they would and I love having a safe place to send visiting kids when they are over. However, to improve it even more, we planted Morning Glory at the bottom or each post under the fort. They are coming in nicely and give it a fairytale look with the vines winding up and around the pillars. I love it.

Now I understand that once it is growing, Morning Glory is very hard to get rid of and farmers and others who have had Morning Glory to deal with, cringe and wail when anyone talks about actually planing the stuff. (Roger, I'm talking to you.) Apparently it actually takes two years and at least 4 professional sprays to get rid of it, when it gets out of control. I've been given more than one lecture on the subject.

So, having said that and with the full knowledge of that I am in for if I let it get out of control . . . doesn't it look pretty?


jared said...

we have about one ton of it in our yard that you can have if you come harvest(weed) it.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

But they sure are pretty flowers aren't they?

Amanda said...

I love them too. And yes, it looks great on your swingset!

Shannon said...

Morning Glory was the death of me at our old home. It was everywhere in our grass and there was no way to get rid of it. Even though I tried and tried to pull it and spray it, the neighbor sure was kind enough to let me know that my efforts weren't good enough. I curse Morning Glory! But, yours sure looks pretty with their purple flowers. :)