Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tyler Rose Garden

Saturday we went to the Tyler Rose Garden. It was just breathtaking. They have hundreds of different varieties and with everything in bloom we could smell them when we were still in the parking lot. It was a lovely afternoon.

I was suprised how different they smelled, some were sweet, some not so sweet, some smelled really strong and others not at all. One smelled just like a lemon.
This was my favorite variety, it's called Caribbean.
I was thinking of my niece when I saw this one, it's called Betty Boop.

This is what little boys do when they are tired of smelling roses.


Megan said...

What a pretty place! I like Gloria's picture, it looks like she is dancing in the pretty flowers

Mom in Mendon said...

As I recall, Tyler is The Rose Capitol of the World. So are you planting roses at your house?