Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Before and After

Remember that beautiful hair?

Paul has to appear before a judge tomorrow to answer for his ticket. I thought a haircut might be wise. You can see how happy he is.


Salem said...
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Megan said...

He is still a handsome boy!

It is a good thing that hair grows back, or else you'd really be in trouble.

Mom in Mendon said...

Hope the judge appreciates his effort. Good luck!

Andee Mortensen said...

hey Sister rodgers
i was just looking at our own blog
adn one of the comments
was from you
how are you and all of your kids?
it seems like we havent seen each other
in forever.
is paul still planning on going
to UofU
cuz i am!.
well i hope you are doing awesome
germany is still amazing
well have a great day!