Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend

I love this blurry picture of Sara.

From Friday through Monday we we were going 100 mph.

Our weekend included:

1 tux rented and returned

1 gracious and wonderful mother-in-law picked up from the airport and returned

3 haircuts received

2 sets of new church clothes picked out

3 blue ties purchased

1 physics project partially completed

1 one wrist corsage picked up

1 strata made and eaten

1 CTR cake baked and decorated (no picture!)

2 sacrament meeting talks given (Holy Ghost)

2 sharing time lessons shared (modern prophets)

1 happy 16 year old son son delivered and returned from prom (home at 2:00am)

1 PEC attended by 1

1 BYC attended by 3

1 big skillet of Chicken Alfredo eaten by 8

1 year supply of rice purchased

1 garden weeded

and one big red girl baptized by her dad.

It was a great weekend, we got so much done but it so busy we hardly got to enjoy it and I only took one picture (above). The only thing that we really would have changed is to have had a few more days with Grandma Gloria.

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