Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Day!!

This is hail from today's storm. These kids are each holding one hail stone. We didn't see anything this big at our house. Pauly took the pics below while it was still c oming down.

Wow! I went to pick Robin up from the gym this afternoon just as a storm hit. The wind was blowing so hard it pushed me off the road several times, I was afraid it was going to roll us. The rain was coming down so hard and fast that the windshield wipers didn't do any good at all. I stayed close behind a school bus so I could gage where I was on the road. And I've never seen hail this big before. It started out the size of a pea but kept getting bigger and bigger. The biggest we saw were as big as golf balls. It looked like someone was throwing snowballs at the windshield. It sounded like someone was thorwing rocks at us. I tried to find shelter under a tree but it didn't help so we just hurried home.

The truck and van are both have dents all over them (the truck worse than the van)but other than that we didn't have any damage, at least no structural damage to the house or the out buildings. Two of the local schools had some major damage, however so school is out tomorrow and maybe Thursday. Woo Hoo!!


Mom in Mendon said...

My goodness! Sorry about the dents in the cars. Those rocks could kill one of you. Stay inside.

robin k said...

Yes, stay safe and cozy.

Mindi said...

now remember, when you moved to texas, you agreed to subscribe to the theory that "everything is BIGGER and BETTER in texas!" i guess that applies to hail, also. sucks about the dents, though. hate when a force of nature does things that insurance wont pay for. at least nobody got hurt.