Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dad, The Dodgers and Sacrament Meeting

Dad loved this picture. We had a print of one similar to this (although I think that was Angel Stadium) in our family room at 810 East. I don't know if he ever got to sit where the pic was taken but he sure liked the idea of those seats.

Even though my dad's eyesight was failing, with the help of a giant monitor, he was able to continue to work on his computer. For church he prepared and printed the bulletin every week. One week, the closing song was "Improve the Shining Moments" but he typed in "Improve the Sinning Moments".

Now I can not believe the he did this on purpose but a little part of me is suspicious. I can just see him sitting alone in his office, realizing the typo and quietly chuckling to himself. I don't think he provided the bullitin very long after that.

Last week my mom told me that she and Roger were going to Los Angeles for the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers moving to LA from Brooklyn. Since then my heart has felt a little heavy. I can't seem to get my dad off my mind. I miss him.


Mom in Mendon said...

In the same bulletin, for Teri Larkin's farewell (on special paper Marlene supplied), Larkin was spelled at least three different ways--Larking, etc. Also, another hymn in the same program: We'll Sing All Hair to Jesus Name.

He didn't waste a lot of time proofreading. :)

Mindi said...

that cracks me up about teri's bulletin--my memory of your dad is all of us sitting in your front living room and chatting and chatting. i remember that it didnt happen all of the time, we had to kind of gague his mood, but when he wanted to deal with us annoying teens, we had a good time talking. i can't see a yellow porsche EVER without thinking of mike stanley

robin k said...

I miss him, too. Wish I could have some chatting time with him.

liz s said...

ha ha that is so awesome. i wish i could have met mike stanley, but i always imagine he's kind of like jared