Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fill in the Blank

It was Daniel's first day of school in 2nd grade. Sara, Gloria and I were standing outside his classroom door and a little girl and her mother came to stand with us. The little girl said to 4 year old Sara in a rather braggy voice, "I have Bratz shoes and Bratz pants and Bratz tee shirt and a Bratz backpack." She pointed proudly to each Bratz advertisement and then waited for Sara to be impressed. Sara said, "My mom hates Bratz." Both the girls and the girl's mother looked at me .

I have thought about that day many times the last few years and wonder what I should have said. What do you think??

Robin says I should have said, "You must be a real Brat."


robin k said...

I think Sara said it all. How perfect.

Megan said...

I hate the bratz too. Way to go Sara, and I agree with Robin. Of course those are things I just think in my head.

jared stanley said...

when i was working for they had me work on the site - after about 10 minutes of it i told them that i wouldn't be able to work on that site anymore for moral reasons.

R-Eight said...

So Jared, I am guessing, by what you wrote that you didn'[t see the movie??