Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Robin Bobin Beautiful and Lovely

So yesterday was a big day! Robin wrote her first article as a reporter for the Daily Universe, which is the campus newspaper for BYU. She reported on a fireside at BYU Sunday Evening. You can read it here. It might not be the most exciting subject but it is well written and we are so proud of her!

As it was also the eve of her 21st birthday, I couldn't help thinking about all that she has accomplished. I smiled as I thought about those moments of learning and growth that sometimes only I was privy to.

Did you know that Robin taught herself how to read?

She was a little over 3 and 1/2 and she was sitting in the living room in our little apartment near Ft. Benning. She was coloring in a coloring book that Grandma Stanley had given her with ABC's and pictures that went with each letter. I was in the kitchen making dinner and I heard her say, "Ball, ba-ba-ba ball. Mom, does ball start with B?" I stopped what I was doing and I excitedly answered, "Yes!" Taking advantage of the moment we sat down and I showed her how the letters stood for sounds. I couldn't wait to tell her dad and call the grandparents! I don't think any of them were as excited as I thought they should be but I knew it was red letter day.

After that she figured most of it out by herself. Once in while she would be stuck and ask me something like, "What does thumb start with?"

About six months later we had moved to Ft. Hood. We drove past a "LOVES" gas station. I heard her say, "Love-s loves!" Again, "Yes! that says Loves!" She was reading words!

When she started kindergarten, I was concerned that she would be bored as she was already reading short chapter books. Her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Davis called all the parents the day or two before school started to talk with them and take care of any concerns the parents or teach might have about the kids. I told her what I worried about. She said kindly, "Well, sometimes we think they are reading but they have just memorized their favorite books." I answered that Robin read verses from the scriptures before bed. She laughed and said, "That's reading!" Robin was well taken care of and wasn't bored for even one minute during her time in Mrs. Davis' class.

I could go on and on but I won't, at least not right now.

We are so proud of you Robin and the woman you are becoming. This is an exciting year as you begin your work as journalism major and car owner. I know you will continue to blow my mind with how brilliant you are and give me many more opportunities to brag about you. I love you my girl and I'm so glad you born! xoxo

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ellen said...

Good for her! My brother was the sports editor at the Daily Universe. :)