Friday, April 1, 2011

Calendar of Events

I am happy this morning because my sweetheart is asleep in our bed where he should be. My head is swimming, however, thinking about the next two months and everything that needs to be accomplished and everything that will have happened by the end.


1-3 Paul is home for the weekend

7-10 Paul and Robin are home for the weekend
8- Family pictures
9- We take Pauly to the Dallas Temple

15-23 Rachel and Regina take Manhattan

27-1 Paul is home for the weekend
27-Brittney visits for the weekend
30- Open house


10 Pauly flies to Salt Lake

11 Pauly delivered to the Mission Training Center

6-15 Rachel cries a lot

12 Paul flies to Cambodia to build schools with the national guard

26 Rachel is still crying but not as much

27 Kids last day of school


31-1 Packers scheduled

2 Movers

3 House cleaned

4 Fly to Phoenix

Of course we fully expect to sell the house by that time. That is the only part that is up in the air. As of today, we have an interested party, they are working on financing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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