Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Official!

We are going to move to Phoenix! I realize it isn't a fairytale house in Normandy or a glamorous apartment in Paris but we are really REALLY excited.

Paul came home in early November and asked what I thought about moving to Phoenix; less than two months later we are going. Paul will head out in a few weeks and we will follow when the house sells.

I have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks looking at houses and reading up on Phoenix and all the stuff there is to do there.

Here are some Phoenix Fun Facts just for you:

  • The Phoenix area was inhabited anciently by a large people who built a sophisticated aqueduct system and pueblos but then vanished without any sign of where or why they left.

  • Phoenix was founded by this guy in the 1850's. His name was Jack Swilling. He and a hired team built 135 miles of canals to irrigate the valley.

  • The name Phoenix was proposed because the planned city would grow from the ruins of a former civilization.

  • This is what the Phoenix looked like in 1885. In 1874 the town was broken up into lots and put up for sale. The entire town was worth $500.00
  • As of last November, Phoenix ranked 7th in the nation for percentages of foreclosures. Sad.
  • From where we want to live, here are the stats (according to Google Maps).

To San Diego = 320 miles / 5 hours and 18 mins travel time (we hear this road is pretty cop free until we get to California, so we may be able to shave a little time off this one.)

To the Target Distribution Center = 31 miles / 40 mins (45 in traffic)

To St. George = 406 miles (7 hours 27 mins)

To Robin = 619 miles (11 hours)

To the Billings = 152miles (2hours 40 minutes)

  • Phoenix takes up a larger geographical area than Lost Angeles. I'm not sure why that is important but that was noted on almost every site I looked at.

  • There is a great hunting dog training school for Betsy.
  • The University of Arizona will play Utah every year.

  • All the old people look really happy and carefree, at least they are in all the pictures I see.
  • The thing that really made the decision for us, and that we are happiest about is that we will be so much closer to family; in fact we will be less than an hour away from Ronni and Becky. I feel like our kids have been kinda gypped not living near cousins so this will be a fun change for them.
Phoenix is going to be great!!


Nana Donna said...

We are very excited for you too. Have you decided to rent or buy? Last time we talked you wanted to wait a while to pick just the right home. Good luck on the sell of you home in TX.

jared said...

the high foreclosure part is a good thing for you! also i know why the pueblos left; you'll find out too in the summer. ZING! jk that's awesome can't wait to come visit!

Mom in Mendon said...