Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Happy Things

Five things that made me happy this week:

1. Sara's Alt Summit was successful. She sounded happy and relaxed when I talked to her Saturday morning. I'm so proud of her! And to paraphrase Liz's little sister. "I am the least famous Stanley Sister."

2. Two of my students finished their quilts and one is on the verge. It always fascinates me. We begin using the same pattern, but throw in choice of fabrics, use of color and texture, and each quilt is as completely different as each student. I love it! I'll post pics when I have them.

3. I went to the Moda Warehouse clearance sale and bought more fabric than I will ever use. When I arrived at the shop and unloaded my 10 bolts of fabric, I realized every single bolt was some kind of polka-dot. In my defense, this is just a taste of what I had to choose from. I'm thrilled with my choices but WOW! it was overwhelming.

4. I went to the sale with my inspirational friend Jean whom I am just heartbroken to leave. We had so much fun!

5. 23 red roses almost as big as my fist, delivered to me at work.

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