Monday, December 6, 2010


This is not my mom's bookcase but I really like it.

My mom has always had a huge book case full of books. Classic books, church books, story books, art books, history books, reference books. Most are hardback and some are were in sets. In the last few years she started arranging them by color. It makes me smile. It was a wonderful thing to grow up with a library like that, and I always planned to duplicate in my own home.

We love to read a lot at our house so we have bookcases in our office and each of the kids bedrooms; they are crammed with books. Books we've read and loved, books that we read once and will never read again, books we don't really like, books the kids read for school, about half are hardback and half are paperback.

As I was going through them all this weekend I told Paul this isn't what I want. I told him that I just wanted one or two bookcases with very specific, good quality books that represent who we are and the things we like to fill our brains with. He liked that idea too.

I took a huge moving box full of mostly children's books and early readers and donated them to the library, then I started making a list of books we love and want copies of. I can't wait to start collecting them.

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Shannon said...

You are blogging again! Larry is a lover of books and he has a collection that is very large. We are about to finish his "man cave" and I love the picture you posted. This would make an awesome decorative/functional book case wall. Now, how to build it.

It's fun to read back on your past posts. You are amazing to always have such an open mind to changes that come in your life. Changes make me nervous and anxious and I do not do well with them at all.