Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm sitting here in my quiet house. The kids aren't up yet and I can't sleep. I tried to watch TV with the hope of falling asleep but I find myself making lists of "to do"s that get my brain going even more. Here's just a taste.

House selling list:
I need to start painting and touch ups.
Will 100 pansies add enough color in the flower bed?
We need to change those door knobs
The realtor said that the house can't ever be clean enough. What does that mean?!?
We need to rent a tiller and get a pretty garden planted.

Christmas list:
Santa, just a little more to do.
Mailing gifts
I hate giving Paul what he asks for. I want to surprise him.
How much decorating do I want to do? Should I wait until after the appraisal?
What activities can we fit in for the kids. I wonder if I can still get tickets to the Nutcracker.
Dan's New Years party is going to be perfect. We still need to get that last XBox.

Moving/New House
I need to organize that attic.
Should we have a garage sale?
I need some boxes.
Should we go with Paul or wait to the end of the school year?
I need a plan for the the kids' new rooms.

Paul's mission list:
Can he take an ideck?
What if the Dr. makes him wait?
Does he need a new set of scriptures?
Where is going to go?

Misc. List:
Sara's running shoes
Betsy's training
Robin's laptop
Anytime Fitness in Phoenix?

I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Much of what is running through my head is fun and exciting, some if it is mundane, a little of it, I dread. Of course the actual lists we've made are longer and more detailed but they don't encompass the feelings and thoughts and small tasks that accompany all these changes.

No matter what it all makes me thankful, for a new adventure, a new house, a change. I'm thankful for healthy happy kids who I know will transition without too many tears. I'm thankful for an incredible husband who's hard work and expertise make an opportunities like this possible for us.


robin k said...

Are you moving to Phoenix???

Mom in Mendon said...

It IS exciting.

R-Eight said...

Target is moving us to Phoenix this spring. It isn't 100% but we are moving forward as if it is.