Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Long Weekend Update

We had such a fun weekend! Grandma Gloria flew out, arriving on Thursday evening, just as I finished getting the fake house ready. It was fun to hear all about her engagement and plans for the future. Thanks to my most excellent interrogating techniques, I was able to get lots of details and I have to say, John sounds wonderful. We can't wait to get to know him.

Friday was the last day of school. The three youngest were the only ones who had to attend. After breakfast, the adults and Robin and Paul went to a very long award ceremony at the middle school cheering for Dan when his name was called a couple of times.

Pauly texted me, “I love award ceremonies and I love the BCS.”

After the ceremony we checked Dan out, went and picked up the girls and drove straight to the movie theater to see the first showing of UP. What a fun way to celebrate the last day of school!

*QUICK MOVIE REVIEW: Of course we loved it! How could any movie featuring a zillion balloons ever go really wrong? It was very tender and heartbreaking and happy and if you haven’t seen it, go and see it.

Graduation was that night. Grandma Gloria and I made Robin a lei, which has become a family tradition.


Sara took some left over flowers and made an anklet.

The ceremony was held in the stadium and it was a quick, 1 hour and 10 minutes (shorter than the award ceremony earlier in the day). It was packed and I was glad we were there early.

The music started and the graduates marched down the track on each side of the field. About half way down the track the two lines turned and walked toward each other onto the field. They matched up in the middle by twos and walked to their seats.

Robin looked great, confident and beautiful. She he met up with her counterpart from the other side of the field and began to walk to her seat. As she did, she turned around and said something to someone behind her. Her blond hair flipped back and her robes and cords moved gracefully, she had a big happy smile on her face and . . . in that moment . . . that snapshot of time . . . she took my breath away. Where did this exceptional,. lovely, self-assured, young woman come from?


(you know how I love to sigh)

A couple of speeches, a Star Trek reference (just for Robin) and 223 names later, Robin was a graduate of Lindale His School.

She went to a Grad Night party at her friend’s house with all her friends and about 3:30am came back to our house with 4 or 5 girls to watch movies finish out the night.

Saturday we just relaxed and visited and that evening we had an open house in Robin's honor, for friends and neighbors. The menu was simple: cake, cheese and crackers, and lemonade from scratch.

Grandma Gloria stayed long enough to go to church with us on Sunday, to see Dan pass the sacrament for the first time and to hear her son give a really great 5th Sunday lesson. After church we delivered her safely to the airport.

Such a lovely, busy, satisfying weekend.


Mom in Mendon said...

Thanks for all the details. LOVE to wonderful Robin and to all of our Rodgers family of Lindale.

robin k said...

Yes, wonderful details. You often manage to bring tears to my eyes!
Congratulations to beautiful Robin.

Mindi said...


rachel, when did we get old enough to have kids graduating? YIKES!!!

she is breathtaking. just like her mama.