Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summertime . . .?

School gets out on Friday and I am so excited to get going with all our summer plans!

At our house, I plan an activity for each morning of the week and then the afternoons are free time for the kids to play with friends, play video games, do projects on their own . . . etc. For example: Mondays we clean and then go to the library. Tuesdays we swim. Wednesdays we have a field trip (zoo, museum, park . . . etc.). Thursdays we do a project. Friday is cooking or baking.

To be honest my plans usually last through the first month and then things loosen up about week four. Because of sports camps, scout camps, girl's camps and our own traveling, we get sidetracked. It is hard to get back into the routine after interruptions but it is still nice to have a plan in place when we do want to use it.

I have had so much fun planning this summer. I found this really great book and between endless projects in there and some wonderful projects I have seen online, I have planned projects all the way through July. I have all the stuff to do this and this and this and we're going to make some of these garden markers.

Aside from projects, we will swim and spend lots of time at the library and I would really like to work in something else I have been thinking about. My sister Sara wrote about sibling relationships last year on Design Mom and I want to do a version of that as well.

Oh my goodness!! It is going to be such a good summer! I can just feel it!

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Design Mom said...

This all sounds so good. I have been overwhelmed that summer break is already here and I have no plan. I think I'll just copy you.