Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures with Rachel and Sara

So when Sara and I were 5 and 6 respectively, we lived on Randolph Street in Riverside. Our mom had started decorating cakes and on one particular evening, when she was in the middle of decorating a big wedding cake, she had to go out. She left everything on the counters; frosted but undecorated cakes and bowls of creamy white frosting.

She left my dad in charge with strict and precise instructions to all of us, "no picking in!" Mom left, Dad went into the den to watch T.V., Sara and I went into the kitchen to eat some frosting.

I'm pretty sure mom never decorated a cake with red sprinkles but I like this picture.

After and hour or so it was time for bed and that was good because we were full by then. Dad called us into the den. We went in to say goodnight. Dad said, "Have you two been picking into the frosting?" "No." We assured him sweetly. Then I looked over at Sara. To my shock and horror I saw that Sara had a big glob of frosting on the side of her mouth!!

Oooh! We got such a spank.

That experience has been on my mind because I am a little bored with the frosting I have been using forever so I have been experimenting with different recipes. I am looking for a specific consistency and lightness and flavor and I'm not sure how to get there. I have tried 4 different kinds so far. If I don't get it this morning I am going to go back to my tried and true.

Every time I stick my finger into the bowl to taste what I've made, I think of that night and how Sara ruined my plans of misbehavior without consequences . . . she still does that.


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Mindi said...

that's what sisters are supossed to do.

and mike wasn't right on top of you guys? i CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

Megan said...

I have found a really good frosting that I like. Whip some whipping cream with a small spoon of sugar, vanilla, and a package of pudding. It is such a nice fluffy frosting.