Thursday, April 2, 2009


Did you know Paul is an extraordinary public speaker? Well, he is. At church, at work, at different events in the communities we've lived in. I am amazed at how at home he is in front of a crowd. How quickly he draws people in and how he teaches without preaching.

I remember once he spoke at a post Boy Scout meeting in Germany. He took an ordinary event like turning on a computer and was able to tell this group of boys about duty and honor and being a man of integrity. It was really great.

Man! I'm so lucky!

A few Sundays ago he was teaching a Sunday school lesson. He talked about how we are always becoming something. In this case, we are either becoming more like our Heavenly Father or we are becoming less like Him.

He used the example of a man who was in great shape. If that same man stopped working out and sat around all day watching T.V. and eating Twinkies he would become something else.

It won't matter if the man doesn't want this or says he is in shape or claims he has figured out a better way. He may even be able to trick people for a while; but after some time has past it will be impossible to hide what he has become.

Gloria wasn't feeling well and was sitting in Sunday school with me. When Paul was almost finished she whispered, "Mom, what's a Twinkie?" I bought some this morning for an after school snack.

* Twinkie update.
The kids tried their (first and last) Twinkies afterschool today. Gloria took a nibble and threw hers away. The others wanted another one. Good for you Gloria!

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