Thursday, April 2, 2009

Robin the Cougar

Robin has decided that she will attend BYU this fall! Yeah Robin!!

She wanted to announce it herself and she did, on her facebook but people who don't have facebook keep asking so I told her I was putting it on my blog.

Whew!! Now that she has finally made her decision, we are now thinking of other things. How do we get her out there? What about freshman orientation? Are her shorts long enough? What should she do about her facial hair? Should she go early and look for a job? Will she need pots and pans? Most importantly how do we keep from missing our girl?


liz stanley said...

more importantly...can we marry robin off before christmas? ha ha just kidding. well...i'm sure this is going to stir all sorts of discussions among the stanley fam. i, being a former cougar, am so glad you made the RIGHT CHOICE. and it shows how IN TUNE you are spiritually to choose the RIGHT school. ha. GOOD JOB!

Nana Donna said...

We are so excited about Robins decission! You know she can stay with us while she gets settled in if she would like. We'd love to have her.

Margo said...

Congrats to Robin and best of luck! As for the facial hair...I suggest waxing or laser hair removal! LOL

Design Mom said...

So exciting! Also. Your prom photos on facebook are fabulous, Robin. You look stunning in every single one.