Monday, January 26, 2009

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us and we love Him . . .

Our Robin received her Young Women's Recognition award yesterday. She finished it just before her 18th birthday and by the skin of her teeth. I'm glad.

Robin has had an interesting YW experience. She turned 12 in Germany where she started YW and was the only youth in our branch. We moved to Leavenworth 6 months after Robin turned 12. In Leavenworth she was one of over 100 active youth in our ward. In Harker Heights the group was about 20 kids in size and was just right for her. I think it was her favorite place.

Here in our little branch she as been the only active laurel with the girl next in age a young 14 year old. She has been very lonely. When she turned 18 a couple of weeks ago she really wanted to leave YW and go to Relief Society instead. I okayed the move as long as she didn't immediately get a calling that would take her from R.S.

But then the YW and R.S. presidents weighed in. The YW president felt very strongly that she should stay in YW. She felt like it was too early to leave and that the YW still needed her influence. The R.S. president on the other hand felt pretty strongly that she should leave YW. That Robin had finished the program and wasn't getting fed spiritually, like she needed to be. Robin was miserable because she was getting so many mixed signals. As we all talked together though, we came up with a happy medium and even Robin was pleased.

Robin was called as the Branch Camp Director. This year in our stake, camp is going to be done separately in each ward with no stake involvement and our branch is going to Nauvoo. She was sustained and set apart yesterday.

So Robin is officially out of the Young Women's program and is an official member of the Relief Society and has a calling Young Women's and everybody is happy!

We couldn't be more proud of this girl!


Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Girls Camp at Nauvoo! And with Camp Director Extraordinaire! Wow. Lucky girls in your Branch.

We love you, Robin.

robin k said...

Congratulations to Robin!

Salem said...

If we ever have a girl I hope she turns out as awesome as Robin.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Robin is the best and will make a GREAT Aggie!

Grandpa Mac
Elder McEvoy

Nana Donna said...

Way to Go Robin! We are very proud of you! Congrats on recieving your YW award....that takes a lot of courage esp. after all you have gone through. Congrats on becoming camp director. The younger girls love the older girls and you will do great! Wish we could go to Nauvoo for girls camp. What an experience!