Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do I have enough potatoes for the soup?

Better than Christmas, better than birthdays, better than any special day, I love snow days the best. We had a lot more in other places we've lived, of course, but having them as a rare event just makes them sweeter.

I love that nature takes over and all the seemingly important busyness of our lives, comes to a screeching halt. Unlike when one the kids is sick and the world stubbornly continues to revolve without us, meetings still happen and spelling tests are given; on a snow day everything is just canceled or rescheduled.

Like everyone else we all sit around the T.V or computer and wait for word about school closings. When we finally see our school district come up on the screen, we all cheer! Then the big kids and dad go back to bed and the medium kids and I make hot chocolate and snuggle down to watch the first of the long string of movies we will be watching. When it is light the kids make their initial attempt at forcing freezing temperatures to be fun and I make cinnamon rolls and a big pot of soup that simmers all day.

No school schedules, no meetings, no visits, no piano lessons or scouts, no mealtimes, no needing to be 3 places at once.

Pics I took after an ice storm in Kansas in early '04.

I was supposed to go to the temple in Dallas this morning but an ice storm warning made us reschedule our plans. That same storm should hit us later this afternoon and we are all hoping for just enough ice. . .


robin k said...

Your description sounds wonderful - nothing like that here in CA...

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Nothing like that HERE, either. That is, we DO have the snow, but nothing stops. Mothers are out with strollers, construction workers continue to build, boys play soccer after scraping the snow off the field.

Hope you had enough potatoes.


Nana Donna said...

It's so fun to see how excited you all are over snow days. When the kids were little I think we may have had one or two days that I can remember when we couldn't get out because of the snow. That's what we get for living in the "Greatest Snow on Earth!) SLC slogan of course.