Monday, September 1, 2008


Our 4 refugees with Sara at the zoo.

Our good friends the Penrods are staying with us while Gustov does his thing. She and I worked together in Relief Society in Germany. We expected our 8-year-olds together. They arrived Saturday and get to stay until they get the all clear to go home. It has been so fun to have her here. Our kids match up and have been playing remarkably well together. It has been so great to catch up, eat good food and indulge in some relaxing girl talk.

I hope my dear friend is getting a break here, as her hubby is deployed. It is hard to see how weary she is . . . I remember . . . except she doesn't have an awesome sister to come and save her or babysitters (two deep) to help her during this very long 15 months.

Gustov is headed our way and should go right over us as a tropical depression. We've been warned we could get up to 20 inches of rain. I hope we don't float away.


Mindi said...

good for you rachel--whey am i not surprised? you just scored extra for that bit of kindess.

Mom in Mendon said...

Hard to relive the anxiety. Good luck to all.

jared said...

20 inches? that's a lot of rain. CURSE YOU GUSTAV!!!!