Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cyber Seminary

Paul had all the kids and their parents over to help them understand the program and get registered.

So Paul decided to teach the home study program to our little group of 3 seminary students this fall. Then Tyler was chosen as a participant in a pilot program for "Internet seminary" so Paul has found himself in charge of the entire stake. It's a really good program though and he's really excited about it.

All the kids register and then log on once a day to answer a question or complete a short assignment from the teacher. That's how they keep roll, you don't log on, you weren't there. There is also a class chat room and blog; Paul's not sure how to best utilize those yet. Then once a week they get together in their own ward or group and have a lesson in an actual classroom.

They are still working out all the bugs but frankly, the biggest problems come from some of the teachers who need to work on their computer skills.

I love being involved on the ground floor of stuff like this! It's such a great idea!


Mom in Mendon said...

Way to go, Paul.

Mindi said...

who woulda thought?

from brawling on state street to seminary!

Elder & Sister McEvoy said...

Does CES allow facial hair?