Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Puppies, Weeds and Pleading . . .

So when we moved into this house we kept stepping on these horrible sticker-burrs that were all over in the carpet. They stick to everything and sting for a couple of hours after you pull one out of your foot. They are evil.

Last fall we figured out where they were coming from . . . that's right, our yard. The only way I can see to get rid of them is to dig them individually, out of the ground. Last night was our first try at ridding our yard of these awful weeds. We worked for about 2 hours and probably got about 1/20 of them. ~Sigh

At about the 1 hour mark, 2 darling little puppies ran into the yard and the rest of the time was spent deciding what to name the dogs and then explaining to me why, to be truly happy, we need at least one dog.

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Shannon said...

So, did you keep one of the puppies? My parents have some prickly weeds in their backyard and my little Logan has tiny bits of thorns all over on the bottoms of his feet. We have been having a great time trying to hold him still long enough to pull the thorns. I hope you get all the weeds out of your yard. :)