Friday, September 12, 2008


Ike Update~ We are all fine. We lost power for about 2 seconds and we lost internet/phone for a couple of hours. There are lots of downed trees on the roads but that is the only damage we've seen. I hope we can be of help to those down in the hard hit parts. We're just waiting to hear.

Ike will make landfall on late Friday night and we will begin to feel his effects tomorrow around noon when the first rain bands reach us.

We've been told to call all our visiting and home teaching families as well as neighbors and make sure they have access to secure locations. We are supposed to be prepared for 50-70 mph winds and heavy rain.

We are also working with community groups to help with evacuees. I'm not sure what we'll be doing sometimes it's making sack lunches and sometimes they just need donations.

As for our little family, we have candles and flashlights ready. We filled our BBQ tank, as well as our cars with gas and all the clothes are washed. I need to go get a few groceries but other than that, I think we're ready.


Mom in Mendon said...

Hi, Honey. You're all in our prayers.
Love, Mom

Tricia said...

I wonder how many people besides you and I thought about doing laundry before we lose power! Next on my list...bleach the tub and fill it with water before midnight tonight!

R-Eight said...

Tricia, we were hoping you guys were going to come up here and hide from Ike at our house. The door is open. Good luck!

robin k said...

Take care!!!!!!

Megan said...

Best wishes Rachel and family. Keep us posted. We will wish for the best, and keep you in our prayers