Saturday, August 9, 2008


I love love the Olympics!! I love the youth and the competition and patriotism and I love the strength of everyone coming together for something wonderful; not for power or military might or politics.

The opening ceremonies are my very favorite! I love the artistry and the history and symbolism and the music and the beauty!

Did you see the fireworks foot prints running to the stadium!?! How do people think like that!?! So amazing!

I love learning about the directors of the opening ceremonies. It is very interesting how people are chosen and how their ideas come to fruition. I love to hear about the weight they feel by the fact that so many people will be watching; what they liked what they were disappointed in.

Click here to watch some of the highlights.

I also love the torch lighting. The one last night was great, but below is the best one ever! This makes me cry every time!

AAUGH! I'm such a sucker for this stuff!

Barcelona Spain Olympics 1992

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