Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Chicken Fun Facts

Did you know that chickens are extremely sensitive to their environment? Heat, noise, change of routine all affect their egg production.

We left on our trip to Utah in the middle of June and the hens were laying 12 -13 eggs a day. When we returned home at the beginning of July they were laying about 6-7 eggs a day.

Just FYI 12-13 eggs a day is too many for the Rodgers family to consume regularly and 6-7 eggs a day is too few. I had to buy a couple dozen eggs last week, I wasn't very happy.

I have been told that as soon as the days cool down a little the egg production will go up again Yea! just in time for fall baking.


Megan said...

that is a lot of eggs to consume.
They sure were yummy though. I hope that it cools down soon for you guys. I miss you all!

Shannon said...

We have some friends that have bought chickens and we are their "partner" in this venture. When they go out of town we take care of the chickens in exchange for eggs. The chickens should start laying eggs in the next few weeks and we are excited to have fresh eggs. All this chicken info you provide is great!