Monday, August 18, 2008

Friends and missions . . .

One of the first people we saw when we arrived in Lindale was President Zaffra, a former mission companion of Paul's. He is the Branch President in the Spanish Branch, with whom we share our building. It has been fun to get to know their family.

We had dinner with them last night and his wife showed us an album that she is putting together with pictures from his mission. It was simple, just pictures on pages but it made both our husbands so happy to be able to pull out this book and look at the pictures.

We have a box of mission pictures and journals and stuff upstairs. I felt like this was Paul's stuff and I didn't really mess with it but I think I am going to start putting something like that together for him.
These are the problems I see:
1~I only recognize 3 people in any of the pictures. Paul, Elder Ward and Elder Zaffra
2~I don't recognize when or where any of the pictures were taken.
3~I don't recognize the importance of the pictures.

Does anyone have any tips?? Sara didn't you do something like this for Steve awhile back?
This may just be something Paul and I have to do together.

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