Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Core Score

An enlightening article found in this month's issue of Surfing Magazine has been at the heart of some recent family discussion and debate.

"Do you kill your own food? Or does your mom make you finish your vegetables? That's all we're asking. A Core Score is like a tattoo on your soul- you wear it for life. But unlike tattoos (which generally boost one's Core Score), your Core Score is adjusted with every decision you make. So, next time your girlfriend asks you to walk her poodle . . . well, we're not saying you can't but you're definitely gonna need to go surfing without a leash if you wanna stay level. Here are a few pointers to get you oriented."

Increase Your Core Score
not having a cell phone
budweiser cans
no-look paddle outs
surfing alone
sleeping in your car
black coffee
sneaking in (anywhere)

Decrease Your Core Score
walking your girlfriend's dog
changing in a towel robe
fur-lined boots
puka shell necklaces
valentine's day

Little Paul wouldn't type this up for me because that fell under both "walking your girlfriend's dog" and "blogging".


Grandpa Mac said...

How about the OLD surfers, who never thought of a leash or 'three' skags? How does that effect ones 'core score?'

Anonymous said...

Shoots! This is Uncle Dave from Turlock! The old dudes have super high core scores! No leash is gnar! One fin is all you need... Shooooooots!

O side or no side!

Uncle Dave