Monday, May 12, 2008

Guest Blogger: Robin- Light My Fire

So today during second period the juniors were all called down to the Auditorium to get our briefing on Senior pictures. Some representatives from Prestige (the photographing company our yearbook staff works with) came to tell us what we needed to do this summer to ensure our spot in next year's yearbook. They also took this opportunity to advertise what they had to offer for our casual senior photos that we would send to relatives and whatnot.

The subject of what props we could bring came up during this Q&A session. One of my favorites was covered before anyone needed to ask. I should have seen it coming, I mean this is East Texas. The Prestige lady assured us, "You can bring your rifles but I would request that you bring it unloaded and you give us a heads up."

Later on in the discussion they showed us a young man's senior picture. In it, he held a baseball which was on fire.

Prestige Lady: Now we actually light these on fire. This isn't photoshopped. So don't bring something you particularly care about that you want on fire in the picture.

Kid in the back: Can we light our selves on fire?

Prestige Lady: We've had this come up before, but no. You cannot light yourselves on fire. Also no animals.


Sara said...

you rock!
that was so funny.

Megan said...

wow, what would it be like to grow up in Texas?

Mom in Mendon said...

I'm still laughing. Love you, Robin!

Erin said...

favorite guest blogger evah. so funny.

robin k said...

Oh my!