Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So Monday night at exactly 9:05pm Dan said, "Oh mom! I forgot I have some homework." "Well get it out and get it done." I said, in a not so cheery voice. I knew we were in trouble when I heard the next question. "Do we have any pipe cleaners?"Dan was supposed to make a figurine of Harriet Tubman with pipe cleaners and it was due Tuesday. I told him, "Too bad, I'm not going to buy pipe cleaners at 9:00pm. It will have to be late."

I bought him some pipe cleaners the next day and when he came home from school he said that our conversation (above) had been repeated in homes throughout Lindale the night before so the teacher said they could all have one more day. Way to give them standards.

Consequently, Tuesday night found me making little clothes for a figurine that I am guessing really doesn't look all that much like Harriet Tubman. (I am just assuming her head wasn't yellow and could be easily reshaped)

The best part is that I have no idea what the actual assignment is because Dan didn't bring home anything with instructions. He just described what he could remember. I just guessed that this is what the teacher wanted.

SO LAME!! The teacher, the assignment, the student and the parent. I'm not happy with anyone right now.

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Bundy 6 Pak said...

Oh..Yeah! I am not alone. Dean has done this twice to us, THIS MONTH!! He had to make a Mississippi river boat out of a shoe box and the Gateway Arch out of a pool noodle. Neither project was as beautiful as Harriet Tubman.