Friday, April 11, 2008

A roof over our heads . . .

So last week we were so sick and this week we are getting better. I am still coughing but was finally able to go on a normal run yesterday.

Anyway, while I was lying there watching movies and wishing I didn't feel like a big blob and could outside and work in the yard, we had our two roofs replaced. They were damaged in the storm I blogged about here.

Don't they look great?
This is the house, before and after.

This is the shed before and after.

This summer we will paint the shed the same color as the house. After that what we need is something to make the shed nice to look at when we are outside. We are in Texas, so we can do what any good Texan would do and nail a big star to the side of the building . . .

. . . we don't hate that idea but we are hoping for something a little more fun or interesting. Any ideas?? Where do we even look for ideas??

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Mindi said...

hey--i saw the texas pride when we went to visit my mom and dad in san antonio, and i was totally charmed by it. i LOVE that version of a&m you put up--i think you should embrace it and go for it--don't mess with texas!