Saturday, March 29, 2008

Netflix at our house this week . . .

I love Netflix! I especially love it when we have a stormy weekend like we just did and can't do much outside.

We're on the 3 at a time plan and I usually like the have a little girl movie, a 10 year old boy movie and a movie for Mom and Dad and the older kids to watch after the little ones go to bed, sometimes this includes Dan sometimes it doesn't, it depends on the movie.

This week's the selections were Enchanted, Super Bowl XI-XX: Disc 1 and Dan in Real Life.

Enchanted was darling. The music was fun. Perfect for the little girls. My big girl loved it too. Favorite line: Him, "You made a dress! . . . out of my curtains!" Her, "Do you like it?"

Super Bowl XI-XX: Disc 1 This is the only football I will watch. An entire season's highlights in 40 minutes and the Super Bowl in 20. It is a TV show on ESPN I think. I love when you can hear the coaches yelling at the players.

Dan in Real Life I really liked this. It is what I expected The Family Stone (the worst movie ever) to be. It was sweet and sentimental and funny and it is what I hope our family will be similar to, in another couple of decades. Favorite line, "YOU ARE A MURDERER OF LOVE!!"


Mom in Mendon said...

I'm waiting for the REAL "Dan in Real Life" movie, starring Dan the Man.
Love, Grandma

Stephanie M said...

R - thanks for your movie reviews! I was wondering about Enchanted because the back cover said there were 'innuendos'. Which could mean anything? Family Stone was bad...