Monday, December 17, 2007

Will I ever find out how it ends??

Sara's 2nd grade play was last week. It was entitled How the Penguins Saved Christmas. I got there early and saved seats but it was obvious even 45 minutes early that they were going to run out of seats fast. By 10 minutes to curtain all the seats were filled, the isles were filled and the lobby was packed with less than happy parents. Then the principal came out and asked that we leave and only stay if our child was in the 1st act. Then the 1st act people would all leave and the parents with kids in the 2nd act would come in and so on. Luckily they had divided each act by classroom so they could just announce which class was in each act.

Sara was in the 2nd act. Even though she was scared she said her lines clearly and remembered every word.

Wish the pictures were better.

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Bundy 6 Pak said...

The pics are great. Sara makes a cute penguin!