Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Paul

Here are a few things you might not know about Paul: (This could also be entitled how Rachel is the exact opposite of Paul:)

He is the happiest person I know. He always appreciates where he is in his life. Whether in school or in the army or in Lindale, Texas, he is always pleased and relaxed and happy and excited with what he is doing right now. He doesn’t waste his time worrying about things; he always thinks positively and is sure everything is going to work out well . . . he is almost always right.

He is the most voracious reader I know. A few years ago I found the greatest list of hundreds of classic books and authors. We went through it once and Paul had read 3/4 of them. More than that he remembered all the stories and characters’ names, some from books he’d read 25 years earlier. It is rare that I suggest a book to him that he hasn't already read.

He is the smartest man I know. Not only has he completed one Master's Degree program and is 3 credits shy of his second, but he just knows how to figure things out. Don't watch any kind of mystery with him because he will tell you "who dun it" at the end of the first scene. (This actually works out well for me because I am usually asleep by the third scene.) I gave him Life of Pi to read last year. He got to page 26 and said, "That's the sentence." then he told me the rest of the story without having read it. He finished it and then told me to throw it away.

He is the hardest working person I know. I've been there while different bosses have fought over him. In college he had two different businessmen ask him to quit school and work for them. In the Army he had Colonels and Generals fighting over his next assignment. He works harder and does a better job than they expect anyone to do and then he stays until the job is done and done right.

He has the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met. He genuinely and sincerely likes people and is respectful and generous even when (I think) they don't deserve it. He naturally knows what people need and freely gives it to them. The only times I have seen him truly sad is when he knew someone needed help and he couldn't do anything for them. (Ask him to tell you his Albania story.)

Someday I will deserve to share my life with this most extraordinary man. I love you Paul.


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!

Grandpa Mac said...

Boy oh boy, what a lucky guy to have a wife that sees you as you are!

Happy Birthday to you and know you must put ANOTHER candle on the birthday cake.

Salem said...

In addition to all that, he is one of only 2 people to have beaten me at Fantasy Football this year!

Happy Birthday Paul!!!!

jared said...

also, he introduced yours truly to pork-rinds.

happy birthday old man!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Paul. You ARE terrific. Love, Donna

Bundy 6 Pak said...

Sure hope Rach has enough eggs to bake enough cakes for all those candles .... Let's see, if you had 15 candles per cake, you'd need like 26 cakes?

robin k said...

Wow! And Happy Birthday, Paul. You're awesome, and so is your wife for telling us how awesome you are!