Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We had such a good time at a Christmas Party last night!

It was a surprise because it was a party for work and it was for the whole family. I am leery of Christmas parties where the whole family is invited. It seems like the party is either completely for the kids and I end up helping all my little ones do some crafty thing that will break before we get home or it is completely for the parents and I have to keep my kids happy and behaving while they are bored for 2 hours. (I know I know, I have very low expectations and it is very rude.)

So the hosts asked each family to bring a couple of gifts, they could be gag gifts or something nice nothing over $15.00. Again I was a little worried, I didn't want to come home with a toilet seat or something just as Christmassy. We took a Nerf Gun and a Walmart Gift Card (Get it? These are all Target executives, funny right??) Well, it was the best I could come up with, having never met these people.

The hosts, George and Hannah, could not have been more gracious, their home was so welcoming and comfortable, and we immediately felt at home. They took the gifts we brought and put them on this big table that was already overflowing with packages. The food was wonderful; there were selections for adults and children. When everyone had had a chance to eat they passed out BINGO cards. It was perfect! It moved quickly for the kids. George would say, "Okay 3 in a row for 2 prizes." Gloria would start jumping up and down. "Oh Dad! Two prizes!" Everyone won once or twice and at the end, when kids were getting antsy he announced that the next BINGO was taking everything that was left. I thought Sara and Dan were going to bust. It was so fun. I am disappointed that I forgot to take my camera so no pictures.

Parties with kids can be tricky but this was great! Everyone was engaged and felt apart of the activities. It was just right.

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