Sunday, December 9, 2007

Unto Us a Child is Born

When I was a teenager, we would get extra credit in choir when we joined in the community performance of Handel's Messiah at the St. George Tabernacle. Although some of the solos seemed a little long I LOVED it!! There is just nothing like being a part (insignificant, though I may have been) of something so exquisitely beautiful.

My very favorite Christmas song ever is For Unto Us A Child Is Born, from The Messiah. We were listening to this in the car on the way to church and I tried to hit a couple of the high notes. I used to be able to . . . not anymore. Anyway, this is the Christmas song I listen to first every year, and I cry every time.

I like that this shows the singing parts so I can sing along . . . when no one else is home.


Mom in Mendon said...

How beautiful, Rachel. Thanks.

liz s said...

we've been playing this little clip for henry over and over and he loves it. thanks