Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good

Last night I made Chicken Ziti Alfredo using Erin Stanley's recipe. (I can’t figure out how to add links from other blogs or I would have added it) I used the chicken breasts from the chickens we raised. I actually planned on using some other chicken but decided I was being a baby. So I used this chicken and I have to say I am amazed at the difference. People kept telling me how much better it would be but I didn’t really believe them.

Here are my observations: First of all it didn’t smell, not at all. It didn’t smell like chicken or anything else. It smelled . . . clean. It also wasn’t slimy. Then I cooked it, WOW. The flavor was so nice. I got over the yuckiness of the other day very quickly. It took on the flavor of the garlic and onion so subtlety but cleanly. (Does that make sense?) It was tender and juicy. Everyone loved it.

I have always been a big label reader and I try to be careful about what kinds of food I feed my kids. I liked thinking that there was nothing suspicious going on with the chicken, no hormones or preservatives. We even talked last night about letting some of our eggs hatch and doing this again. The only down side is of course the slaughtering but it just may be worth it.
One more difference. I felt a reverence for our food. My pray of thanksgiving was more sincere and I was very upset when someone left chicken on their plate to be wasted.


Erin said...

That's wonderful! It sounds delicious. My dad always says, "The deep freeze is where you put your pets until you forget their names."

Mom in Mendon said...

Nice to hear about your chicken-eating views. (Erin, your dad is great.)