Monday, September 26, 2011

Slideshow and Book Club and What I Learned

I finished that . . .

This was my favorite picture in the slideshow. I found this photographer's photos really fascinating.
So last week I finished putting together the sideshow for which was so much fun. I found so many great pictures it was hard to whittle them down to the 15-20 that they wanted. The best part was that I learned more about how to manipulate pictures and text from the internet.

. . . and I started this.

Last week I started a neighborhood book club. I noticed that there are quite a few people home during the day and I have been wanting an excuse to get to know our neighbors better. I actually planned to start it when school started at the beginning of August but I have been a big scaredy cat. I made myself print them up last week. I'm cheap and I hate to waste ink so I knew I was committing myself to that date. Once they were printed I would be forced to hand them out in a timely manner.

Because we've only met a few of our neighbors briefly, I was so nervous about how I would be recieved but off I went. I received lots of different reactions.

Surprise "Oh! What a good idea!"

Suspicion, "I'm not going to buy anything."

Rejection, *hands me back the invitation* "I have chemical allergies, I can't be with groups of people." (I wonder if I could set her up on Skype?)

Mostly graciousness, "I love this!" "I'll be there." "What can I bring?" "Count me in."

True story: One of my neighbors has a long white beard and is named Santa Claus. He showed me his drivers licence. :)

I headed out the door so nervous but it ended up being a lovely evening visiting with my whole street.


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I laughed as I would have done the same thing...thought and thought and thought about it and felt nervous...but once you print that invite..YOU ARE IN!

Santa Claus huh? Cool.


Mom in Mendon said...

Good for you!