Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Pair of Socks . . . Finished!

Actually, this isn't another pair of socks. To be honest, these are my very first pair of socks. I started them in the spring of 2010 but then I got going on The Quilt Room and put all the knitting aside. When we knew we were moving and I closed my little shop, I started knitting my socks again but I got halfway through the second sock and realized my sizes were off. Ugh!

I hated the idea that the socks weren't the same sizes but I couldn't bring myself to frog the second sock and start over again. So much work!! So there they sat, one and a half socks, in my knitting bag. I swear every time I looked at that bag those socks would flip me the bird.

I haven't been able to face doing any knitting this since we moved. There are lots of reasons why. It is hot. I am homesick for Rose Path. There is no one to help me when I mess up. There is no one to cheer for me when I am done. Finally, last week I grabbed my knitting bag on the way to piano lessons, which was my routine in Texas. As I looked at the different projects I had to choose from, those socks started cussing me out and making fun of me. They really hurt my feelings. I decided that I was going to finish them just as they are. If no one every wears them I don't' even care. I just want to stop thinking about them.

I finished them this morning. :)

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Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

We miss you, Rachael! Great job on the socks!