Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 Surprises About Living in Surprise

1~We live just 10 miles or so from Luke air Force Base and the fighter jets fly right over our neighborhood all day. I love it. They sound loud and powerful and I feel patriotic and safe when I hear them.

2~I knew we'd love the pool but I didn't know how much. I remember how much we used the pool in Riverside but those are childhood memories, so I wasn't sure how correct they were. Dan and Sara were already good swimmers but it has been particularly satisfying to see Gloria improve.

3~I didn't know how scared the swimming pool would make me. It is more stressful than I expected to have non-swimming children in my house. I am constantly checking the lock on the door, asking where the child is, looking out at the pool, fully preparing myself for something horrifying. I just didn't expect it.

Robin and Paul were just 2 and 3 when we took them to Lake Powell the first time. We made them wear ski vests 24 hours a day. I have considered making that a rule at the Rodgers' house. It is the end of the season and I can get several of those vests right now. What do you think?

4~I have loved the convenience of sending the kids down the street to the grocery store. The convenience comes just short of having another driver in the house. I love having so much shopping right around the corner.

5~Betsy is our sweet dog. She had a full half acre to run and hunt and play in while we lived in Lindale. Here, there is much less space and I was worried that she would be bored and then get into trouble. Not only has she adapted well, she loves going running or skateboarding with Dan.

Overall we are settling in, getting ready for school to start in just a couple of weeks. Because we moved here when school had just gotten out, and the neighborhood has fewer children than we expected, the kids have only had me and each other as entertainment and frankly, we've spent waaaaay too much time together this summer. We are all looking forward to school starting.

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